Australian Barking Owl

PhotographerAdam Plucinski
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyADDIE studio
City/CountrySydney, Australia
Photo Date08/09/2013
Technical InfoNikon D3S; Nikkor 300 f/4; ISO
Entry Description

Her eyes are so big that if human were to have proportionally as big eyes as a barking owl, we would have eyes the size of a softball.

About Photographer

Sydney based photographer and creative director, Adam Plucinski, is working across the globe and had his work published and exhibited both in Australia and internationally. Adam’s specialty is nature and wildlife photography. It is the love and respect for environment that helps him wait patiently for the right moment. The sunset image was no different and captured after months of sun movement tracking, until the sun set centrally above the university building. Adam’s work has been recognized internationally and before he was honoured with IPA award, he also won International Color Awards Photography Masters Cup and received WPPI Accolades of Excellence. He was also named Australian Geographic Photographer of the Year finalist as well as a multiple finalist in coveted Black and White Spider Awards. Adam hopes you enjoy his work as much as he enjoyed taking those shots.