Photographernancy coste
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyNancy Coste Photography
City/Countrydoha, Qatar
Photo Datemarch 2014
Technical Infohasselblad 500cm P25+ back
Entry Description

My new series of mothers breast feeding is extremely important to me. I breast fed my two children for 9 month each and I understand the beauty of the experience, the bond it creates, and the physiological and psychological benefits to both the mother and child. I wish to show in a modest and simple way, that breast feeding is elegant, necessary and beneficial to humanity.

About Photographer

I am an advertising photographer from New York. I was based in Chile for four years where I worked as a full time photographer with the Revista Paula, my work encompassed portraiture, decoration, photo illustration, still life and food photography. I was the official photographer for the Chilean President, Michelle Bachelet (shot her ad campaigns as well as the official portrait). I moved to Paris in 2000, I started working for Corbis as a celebrity and political photographer, as well as for the French Ministry of Culture. Won the competition FUJIFILM/UPC and had a solo exhibition at “La Maison des Photographes” Paris. Then started exposing more frequently between editorial and book projects. I moved to Milan in 2006, started shooting fashion and developed my portrait work, this is where I began to explore the behavior of the individual within groups and the structure of the family across different cultures. In 2009 I moved to Brussels I started working with an editor and produced 4 cookbooks as well as being represented by Gallery Flore. 2012, I installed in Madrid where I had a solo exhibition, with PHOTOESPANA 2013 and PHOTOESPANA 2014 represented by Gallery 6 mas 1.