PhotographerFrancesca Todde
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrymilano, Italy
Photo Date2013 May/June
Technical InfoDigital B&W photography
Entry Description

In the contemporary context, us human beings live a distance from animals never known before. Certain people daily try to reduce this distance, by working as pione­ers of a new lifestyle side by side with animals, giving a measure of a cultural revolution that to quote George Monbiot could be called Rewilding: a contemporary life to be reinvented, on the basis of our primary needs for the interdependence with other natural species. A journey to exceed the borders which separate people and animals, in search of a spiritual dimension which helps us to imagine a more sustainable future for all.

About Photographer

Francesca Todde, born 1981, Padua, Italy Lives and works in Milan, Italy.