Karo Tribe

PhotographerFausto Podavini
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryRome, Italy
Entry Description

The Karo are an ethnic group of eastern bank of the Omo River. Live permanently on the banks of the river, on which they depend totally. Very important are relations with neighboring ethnic groups characterized by conflicts in the past. They live on farming and herding. The scarification is an important practice, especially for women, as well as decorative element also culturally relevant. The Karo villages are protected by perimeter fences of wood: in the center there are the huts. The Karo are a people that is disappearing.

About Photographer

Born in Rome, lives and works mainly hometown. Graduated as technician, he studied at the Jonh Kaverdash Photography Academy in Milan obtaining a Master in Reportage. He started his photographic career at 18 years old, first as assistance and studio photographer then going in for ethnological and social reportage. In 1992 he collaborated with the MIFAV, Photography Museum of Tor Vergata University, in Rome, where he met several photographers. Left studio photography, he specialized in reportage as freelance photographer working with several Onlus making reportage in Italy, Perù, Kenya, Ethiopia where currently he is developing some personal photographic projects. He worked for Lapresse Agency. He realized important projects also in Italy for instance few reportages on sport for disabled, on a recovery center for insane people, on Alzheimer. This last work, entitled Mirella, won the 1st prize in the Daily Life of World Press Photo 2013. Over the years he attained many different awards: Sony Awards 2013, Winephoto 2012, PDN in the Photojournalis/Sports/Documentary section in 2012, World Report Awards 2011, FIOF Photographer of the year 2011, Photoaid 2010, National Geographic 2009, including several honorable mentions at contests as Leica, KLM, Marie Claire. He has published on many magazines and has exhibited his works in several cities as Rome, Milan, New York, Paris, London, Kuala Lumpur.