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PhotographerJeff Mitchum
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

My entire childhood was spent running around these hills fishing, hiking and exploring. My personal connection to these areas has resulted in a unique and lasting love for these special mountains. My first composition for this image only included water in the foreground, with the fall colors of the Eastern Sierras in the background. Then, arriving in the early morning, I noticed the pond had frozen over. The stained-glass effect of the fall colors reflecting in the pond through my viewfinder became a beautiful abstract light. This is a shot that found me!

About Photographer

Jeff Mitchum is one of the great American and international landscape photographers who rose to success in the recent years. He is often described as the “Ansel Adams of color” in the fine art photography world. Self taught, Mitchum is known for his compositional mastery and the keynotes in his work are the use of natural light and subject matter. His aesthetic is simple – to capture the stunning beauty of nature and dramatic landscape and bring it to people’s everyday lives.