Our Livelihood

PhotographerNicola Angelo Mangia
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryGalatina, Italy
Photo Date2013
Technical InfoLeica M7 - Kodak Tri-X
Entry Description

Not under a central government,many African communities believe nature is able to regulate itself and that a modern human society has to be built around it.My work is focused on one of this community(especially children)where everything belongs to everyone and the community seems to act in the common interests,so its development is gradual and sustainable.A collective intelligence connects human being,animals and plants.The full benefits associated with the balanced use of natural resources include natural,social,human,physical and financial values:food as well as a source of income which enables inhabitants to send children to school and pay for their health care.

About Photographer

Italian photographer, Nicola Angelo Mangia was born in Galatina (Italy) in 1982 and currently lives in Lecce. ​ He studied Pharmacy at University of Bari. During last year he has been dedicated to documentary photography covered social and environmental issues.