Urban Community Empowerment

CompanyDortch Photography
PhotographerEric Dortch
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

A community base project solving urban problems. In 1991 Former United States President Jimmy Carter created the first phase of the Atlanta Project, which was a major domestic initiative to our inner-city social causes. April 1993 the Carter Center's Atlanta Project Clusters provided Free Vaccination for children. July 1993 Bank South and First Baptist Church partners to build Habitat for Humanity Homes. April 1994 was Arts In the Atlanta Project for kids, 225 volunteers participated in the painting of the mural. Ages 4 to 84. August 1999 Former President Bill Clinton presented Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and First Lady Rosalynn Carter with the highest Civilian Award, The Presidential Medal of Freedom in a 30-minute ceremony. This project lasted 10 years to receive 5 total photographs to tell the story.

About Photographer

My name is Eric Dortch, I am presently the owner of Dortch Photography, which is located in Decatur Ga. A suburb just outside of Atlanta. The city is alive and offers a large conglomerate of businesses. I have a studio in the basement of my home. Although i shoot a wide range of eclectic subjects, my projects as a documentary photographer is to let my images tell my story. As an observer of my community, I am still searching for a way to communicate my photographic views. Photographs are the most reliable and the most correct recording method. It has become the most important aid in educating our history from past to present. I have set out to catalogue my city, its rich festivals, our historic leaders, the common market places. Atlanta skyline, and the events that unfold every moment, to benefit future generations. My story like my dream which has become inseparable began humbly in the womb. Before i took my first breath, i bore the gift. Though each of us is born into this world with enormous talents, before a lump of coal can be pressed into a diamond, there is a prodigious amount of work to be done. Self-taught in the discipline of photography, the journey has been incredibly difficult at times but also intensely gratifying. Laboriously, i have spent what seems like more than one lifetime studying photography alone in my basement. Shooting thousands of pictures and re-shooting them to get it right. Nothing good comes easy. Driven by my tolerance to accept nothing less than the best, it is the gift that i give back to the creator for all he has given to me. As you muse over these photographs for your pleasure, I hope you will come to understand as i do that the camera is very powerful instrument. Its magical eye enables the photographer to perceive and precisely record innumerable things which are blind to the naked eye, but it is a tool. Henri-Cartier-Bresson; Believes that in every episode in life there is a time when all the elements align in a meaningful geometry. A pattern that tell all there is to tell about the episode. Sometimes the geometry last for only a fleeting instant, at other times,it occurs as part of a slowly shifting arrangement. In either case, Cartier-Bresson feels that it is his job as documentary photographer to capture the scene. He must be the dispassionate observer, always ready to stop time at the precise moment when the picture is complete.