White Army in Malakal

PhotographerTimoteo Freccia
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySeattle, United States
Photo Date20 February 2014
Technical InfoCanon 5D mark 3
Entry Description

In February of 2014, I traveled to Jonglei and Unity States in South Sudn and met with ousted Vice President-turned rebel leader Riek Machar. I joined his "White Army" as they sacked the key city of Malakal.

About Photographer

Tim Freccia has spent 25 years traveling to some of the world's most difficult and dangerous locations as a documentary photographer and film maker. His work has been featured in major international magazines, newspapers and television broadcasts. After a short career as a commercial fisherman in Alaska, Freccia's early photographic focus was on editorial fashion, with an early assignment for Karl Lagerfeld. Freccia documented Haiti's first democratic election, and the subsequent military coup, obtaining an exclusive audience with General Raoul Cedras. He continued on a path through the Third World, covering Tuareg uprisings in Niger and Mali, Nelson Mandela's triumphant tour of Africa following his release from prison, 2004-2005 Indian Ocean tsunami victims, war in Eastern Congo and Somalia, the Libyan revolution and stories focused on people living in the world's most compromised environments. He exhibited at the 2012 Armory Show in New York, with life-sized portriats of South Sudanese tribesmen.