Magic Baikal

PhotographerAlexey Trofimov
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBratsk, Russian Federation
Photo Date2014
Entry Description

Baikal - one of the most magical places on Earth. Its beauty is unimaginable. It is particularly interesting to shoot at Lake Baikal in winter, in hard northern locations. It is at great risk, cold and strong winds. But the risk is worth the beauty which give perfume Baikal.

About Photographer

I was born in 1970 in Bratsk city on the Siberian Angara River's bank where stands the legendary Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station. Since my childhood I was interested in travelling. Later in my adulthood taking a photo added in my interests. The general creative interests is a landscape and travel photography. The main creative project is the taking pictures of remote places of Baikal Lake which are difficult of access.