CompanyStudio Alexander von Wiedenbeck
PhotographerAlexander von Wiedenbeck
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

striving for true freedom seems to be an unreachable challenge... and yet, you would like to discover the limits. in a world full of twists and turns, you could miss the essential moment, the moment that could change everything. at the end, the desire remains after this exciting feeling in the middle of the full development of your own mind. with freedom on the horizon, you strive directly for what your heart claims... and then you know, this is not striving... IT'S AN OBSESSION!


A REVOLUTION BACK TO BASICS maybe it all came from naivety, and i don't know how to describe it, but the thought of it was circling me over and over again. it was the idea of creating something ‘real’. for sure, it was a leap in the dark, but if you feel a calling to do something, it gives you the feeling that there is no turning back - which is incredible! ultimately, it was, consciously or unconsciously, the rebellion for freedom that enabled us to experience moments of truth. and, like a common thread, that freedom moved through the days and was omnipresent for each of my companions on this trip. fifteen to twenty years ago, it would surely have been nothing special, but you can feel clearly these days that freedom of creating and acting is receding more and more into the background. the digital age with its glut of information and techniques, the overstimulation in the western world – it seems like we're all just marionettes of the given resources. sure, we cannot and must not refuse progress, and of course it has its right to exist, but even if the new and modern path to our goals is different, do the goals themselves then have to be different ones? In pursuing of them, shouldn't we be careful not to lose sight of the old values, to be true to ourselves and keep truth, authenticity and freedom in focus? it increasingly seems that it is already socially acceptable to wave shallow pictures and goodwill through as artistic freedom. these versions of truth are at best bold claims or mistruths. maybe it's the fast pace that makes people get a blurry view of things, but one thing is for sure: more than ever, we have to take care not to lose ourselves out there. as an analog player in a digital world, maybe you have to preserve your honesty, remain real and not pretend something. but maybe you have to turn your whole life into a work of art and follow your impulse to create and be something unexpected. and maybe you should hold on to these exact thoughts in your dreams, every night. perhaps these are the exact thoughts that accompany you every day for the rest of your life. it might be more than just a simple photographer´s un-usual way of thinking, or maybe it sounds completely neurotic, perhaps it is exactly this interplay of illusion and truth which makes life so exciting. you plan in one direction, but suddenly a completely new possibility appears and all changed into another direction. for me, from my position, it was honestly a privilege to be...(word space ist not enough) ...i don't know what will happen yet and i also don't know if you should strive for something for the rest of your life, but if you can feel those special moments and the pure life over the course of time, you can only realize one thing... I AM FREE!