PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryAbu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Photo Date8 JULY 2013
Technical InfoCANON 5D MK2 + NIKON 14-24mm
Entry Description

This is a visual of the steel furnace at the smelting plant. A worker is seen in the distance as he takes the samples of the liquid steel. The incredible heat and noise levels at this place were simply overwhelming. I wasn't able to stay longer than 1 minute where I took this shot.

About Photographer

Beno Saradzic is a multiple award winning visual artist. Although film and photography count as two of his greatest passions, his skills don't originate from either of those two fields. For the past 18 years, Beno has trained his eye in the arts of seeing as well as story-telling through 3D CGI visualization films as an animator and Architectural Illustrator. His acute sense for aesthetics, visual composition and intricate methods of 'selling the conceptual idea' were conceived and perfected all through the 90s and mid 00s, in realm of 3D computer worlds, behind the video & still camera and in post-production suites. Beno amassed a broad portfolio of complex architectural CGI films and marketing collateral for some of the biggest real estate developers, architects and designers throughout the Middle East and Europe. Some of Beno's accomplishments: - Cinematographer and Featured Guest on Discovery Channel's 'Passage To Arabia' documentary series. - Cameraman on BBC Natural History Unit's 'Wild Arabia' documentary series - nominated Autodesk 'Viz Master' for outstanding achievements in 3D architectural visualization - Winner of the Egypt International Photo Contest 2012, Architecture theme - 1st Prize: 'Earth Hour' photo contest sponsored by ADGAS / WWF in 2011 - 2nd Prize: SPACES OF LIGHT 3rd Season (2013) - 3rd Prize: SPACES OF LIGHT 2nd Season - (2012) - Shortlisted Finalist of the HIPA award 2012 and 2013 ( - Shortlisted Finalist of the Al Ain Photographia Award 2011 - IPA 2013 Honorable Mention