Mariachi Band

PhotographerShaughn Crawford
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyShaughn Crawford Photography
City/Countrywestlake village, United States
Photo DateJune 2014
Entry Description

I was commissioned to do portraits for a non-profit called Lift. During the day of portraits there were other activities and entertainment. One of the presentations was done by a mariachi band and I asked them to sit for a portrait.

About Photographer

I grew up in Forest Grove, Oregon, a small town outside of Portland. In high school I moved to Los Angeles where I took my first photography class. I then attended UC Santa Barbara where I studied Sociology and began traveling with my camera. It was then that I became passionate about photography and studying people through a lens. After finishing my degree at UCSB I took a few city college photography classes to broaden my portfolio. I then moved to San Francisco and spent three years studying photography at the Academy of Art. Two of those three years I worked as a music photographer for a local website covering a lot of incredible shows and festivals. I have since moved to Los Angeles where I am continuing to photograph music with a particular emphasis on capturing behind the scenes moments. As a sociologist, photographer and music lover I am interested in the essence and humanity of music. I plan to continue documenting the life and sounds of the music world for years to come.