Plastic Landscapes

PhotographerRafal Maleszyk
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyFine Art Black and White Photography
City/CountryWadowice, Poland
Photo Date2014
Technical InfoHasselblad H5D 60
Entry Description

Plastic Landscapes is a series where I incorporate plastic into my landscapes.It is a metaphor for the disrespect people show to our Nature. Is that how the future landscape will look like? Plastic will "grow" of trees?

About Photographer

Art has been part of human subsistence since the beginning. There is such a strong need every artist has, persistent voice pushing us to create, to look for something different, to shock and to create beauty. Even thousands of years ago artists had a strong need to invent unique and beautiful things; photography is just a new medium to do the same thing. For me, photography is the ultimate form of art. It allows me to express my innermost experiences with nature. Inhabiting a time-hungry world of fleeting moments and experiences, simplicity is a precious state best captured and experienced under the lens. Photography helps me to convey these intimate and rare spectacles I derive from Nature. New series by Hawaii based photographer Rafal Maleszyk, where he includes plastic in the landscape; it is very unique idea of changing the landscape by incorporating proper kinds of plastic depending on the location, light, the strength and direction of the wind, tide and the size of the swell. It is a new approach to landscape where you can see the Hawaiian breeze on a black and white paper. “I enjoy creating long exposure ocean-scapes, this is when I am not entirely in the control of what the sensor will record. Plastic interconnects with the motion of ocean, wind and waves producing unpredictable effect. Wind plays a huge role, as well as reflection of the light in the plastic. In plastic landscape you can really see the air. “