Travel of faith'

PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyGibotta photographers
City/Countrysan vitaliano, Italy
Photo Date04 04 2014
Technical InfoMANUEL
Entry Description

Naples station. There's a special train here. A group of people is walking slowly, They haven't only bags or suitcases. There's something more. The white train is leaving the platform. Destination: Lourdes. In this train there are kids' voice, people cry, laugh, pray. The silence has a big weight. There's pain and strenght. Here I understood the meaning of true love. This sufference is helped by the power of faith.

About Photographer

Antonio Gibotta was born in Avellino in 1988, and he was keen on photography since his childhood , when he was enchanted with his father’s works In 2006 he ccomplished the certificate in "Graphic design and photography”. The study, in his case, is the technique codification of his talent, expressed and refined through his multiple shoots. He will turn his passion into a profession, gaining a remarkable experience in work in Italy, abroad, and with reports. In the world of photography he can immediately see the appeal of the artistic element. He tends to portray the man, the various aspects of life and the relevance of social issues.