PhotographerMichal Jastrzebski
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryGora Kalwaria, Poland
Photo Date2012
Technical InfoNikon D800 + 70-200/2.8
Entry Description


About Photographer

“There are such places where to the nearest (human) settlement is far more than ten kilometers, where nature allow us to absorb oneself in all possible senses. Those are places, where while heading to the nearest look-out I encounter wolves which seem to be surprised even more than I am. Those are places, where I eavesdrop belugas and I have opportunity to touch puffin. Places, where while sitting in my tent at night, I don’t know whether I hear bear approaching or a wood grouses gathering on the tooting-ground. Those are the places where the sound of the rustling beeches makes it hard to sleep and enormously high cliff sings the gull song. In such places, photography step aside and make place for the harmony with nature. This is where I can grasp the meaning of life. This is where I really feel, that I am a part of something bigger and I ruthlessly succumb to its rights. It doesn’t matter where I am heading or how much time I have. Only thing that matters is how I follow MY PATH. Photography? That’s the thing that drags me to those places, allows me to remember them, share them and simply be happy.” Michał Jastrzębski – graduate from the Division of Forestry at Warsaw University of Life Sciences, photographer, traveller and hunter.