In honor of you

PhotographerCristina Aldehuela
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBarcelona, Spain
Photo Date2014
Technical InfoDigital, B/N
Entry Description

No time limits, no rules, an indiscriminate number of players—let’s play Lelo! The game is a no-holds-barred combination of wrestling and rugby that is very popular in south-western Georgia. Every Easter Sunday, the residents of Shukhuti remember their dead by playing this ancient game. Victory not only means beat your opponent. Victory is a tribute to those who are no longer with them. The ball is given as a offering to a deceased villager and placing it on his grave after the match. Lelo is a sport, and a tradition, but most of all it’s about passion, strength, faith and devotion.

About Photographer

Cristina Aldehuela is a spanish photojournalist. She holds a bachelor degree in journalism from University of Sevilla and a postgraduate degree in Photojournalism at University of Barcelona. During her college years she founded a photographic collective and participated in SevillaFoto Festival with an exhibition about the culture of Occupy Movement. Based in Bulgaria in 2013, her latest work are a reportage about syrian refugees in Sofia and another about Pomak ethnic group, muslims people who live in Rhodope mountains. She has been published in Foto8, Vice and others spanish media. In 2013 Cristina was finalist of Desencaja awards with her work about Spain’s economic crisis. In 2014 her work about syrian refugees will be show at Backlight Photo Festival