The Family Picture

PhotographerCamilla Maria Santini
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Every image is created by a pair of pictures shooted at the subjects home: the first picture in full dress, the second one in some way naked. Images are different from each other like families are different for culture, attitude and ambiance. Subjects are not models but friends, acquaintances and my family and me. My intention is to propose again the importance of the family picture nowadays that everybody can take pictures at every moment by any means so we lost the formality of photography. There is an ironic evolution from the family picture in times past: the naked one.

About Photographer

Born in Pietrasanta (Toscany) I've been living in Milano since 2011 after had been lived in Paris. 8 years ago, after achieving the high school diploma, I spent all my time cultivating those disciplines which before I had to sacrifice because of the school: photography, acting, playing jazz music. At the end of 2008 I decided to turn my passion for photography into my job and I started my collaboration with the fashion photographer Marco Cardelli with a particulary attention for the still life world. With him I worked for some of the bigger italians brands like Gucci, Dolge&Gabbana, Marco Bicego. From 2010, simultaneously with the advertising activity, I started developing many personal projects.