Shades of Gray

PhotographerCarolyn Meltzer
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyCC Meltzer Photography
City/CountryDecatur, United States
Photo Date2013
Technical InfoDigital
Entry Description

The life cycle in nature is often appreciated through the human experience as a binary process: the full bloom of Spring versus the bareness of Winter. Whereas our own life experiences are rich and nuanced. Through the vehicle of Shades of Gray portfolio, I invite the viewer to experience natural forms exposed to the harshness of time, water, and weather. I seek to capture a textured habitat that is not always at the objective peak of its beauty.

About Photographer

Carolyn Meltzer’s photographic work captures the most intimate glimpses of the natural world in a variety of habitats. Her subjects are portrayed using a very close range or macro technique in order to capture the dynamism of a small world few may notice. Meltzer has shown her work, using both color and black and white, in numerous solo, group, and juried exhibits. Her collaboration with watercolorist Anne Patterson, “inspiration echoed”, was featured at Denise Bibro Fine Arts in New York this Spring.