deliquescing to the sea

PhotographerMarguerite Garth
PrizeHonorable Mention
Companymarguerite garth art photography
City/CountryLos Gatos, United States
Photo Date2013-14
Technical InfoSigma DPM2 camera
Entry Description

These photographs were taken at a ghost town near the San Francisco bay. The structures of the small town are slowly sinking into and becoming one with the marshland by the water.

About Photographer

1985- 2000 Worked as a fashion designer for several, large, multi national companies, namely: Levi Strauss, Bugle Boy, and Catalina. Oversaw a large staff both in the states and in the Orient and traveled extensively all over the world. 2002 Resigned to focus on my photographic career AWARDS 2012 - 13 • 1st Place, Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, Worldwide Photography Gala Awards, awarded with a Paris show, 2013 • Winner, Creative Quarterly 29, Winter Publication (out in book stores 04/2013) • Portfolio in Fine Art Photo, Issue No. 13, Rudolf Hillebrand Publisher, Germany • Winner, Creative Quarterly 30, Spring Publication • Winner, Creative Quarterly 31, Summer Publication • WIPI 2013 Annual Juried Competition - Juror Choice Gallery Presentation • Project Basho, Onward Compe winner 2011 • Winner, Photographer of the Year, Worldwide Photography Gala Awards 2011 • July Overall Winner, 1st Place (9), 2nd Place (4) Pollux Awards, WPGA, , juried by Terry Anderson, Dina Bova, Larry Paggett and Julio Hardy • 1st Place Landscape Category, 2nd WPGA Black & White Awards, juried by David Zimmerman • Winner “Photo Cali”, PDN magazine, “a death in the desert” • Juror’s Special Mention, “The Beauty Around Us”, Worldwide Photography Gala Awards, juried by Julio Hardy and WPGA staff. • Honorable Mention, “Story Teller” Competition, Worldwide Photography Gala Awards, juried by Julio Hardy and WPGA staff.