Autumn Splendour

CompanyChristoph Fischer Photography
PhotographerChristoph Fischer
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

In autumn, the endless undulating mountains of Canada's Yukon territory are covered in a kaleidoscope of intensely colored tundra, interspersed with less abundant pine trees - a unique combination of elements that I am very happy to have seen first hand. I noticed that the late afternoon sun was spotlighting a hill side painted in colorful tundra and, using my long lens, I was able to simplify the scene into two seemingly counter propagating elements, with the veins of the hill side pointing to the left ending almost perpendicularly on the diagonal of a downward sloping triangle of dense, intensely colored tundra.

About Photographer

I am a landscape and travel photographer based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I love the natural world and I always feel the need to capture, and freeze in time, any beautiful scenes I bear witness to. Photography thus naturally fits into my world. At the same time, the thrill of chasing great light as well as the way photography makes me look at the world with new eyes, is wonderful. My work is extensive and covers North America (mostly Canada), South America (predominantly Colombia), Europe and Africa (South Africa). It covers the entire breadth of landscapes, mostly grand vistas, in all seasons. I seek bold, unusual compositions and hope to infuse the viewer with a sense of excitement, wonder and contemplation. I have been honored in international competition and have been published in premier Canadian photography magazines, Smithsonian Magazine, as well as in National Geographic Media.