Melting pat OPPA Fase 1:: city and colours - Europe

Photographerpatrizia dottori
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countryrome, Italy
Photo Date2013
Technical InfoNikon d700
Entry Description

A contribute to the color classification of states of mind What color are the tears? What color are the chills? What color is your smile? It 'really fear black and red is just the passion? Is there a way to link the states of mind in a chromatic scale universally shared? In this swamp of no points of reference, if not some cliché, however, I decided to start from ground easy to identify the colors of the places. Easy? In part, yes, there is a common horizon to look at. But the point is: what skyline view in common? On what frame to stop looking? Where you turn on the mood that makes the place "that place" and that color "its color" reference? In Melting Pat - Europe abstract architecture make the city almost unrecognizable to the same European citizens. For 2014, the year of European citizenship, the question is: which city is it? And not recognize it means losing the identity of Europe.