The Colony

PhotographerCristobal Serrano
Entry Description

One of the greatest animal migrations anywhere on the planet arrives during November and December in a lush, marshy remote corner of Northern Zambia. Each year five million straw-coloured fruit bats (Eidolon helvum) take up residence in one hectare of Kasanka National Park’s mushitu swamp forest. The bats come to feed for a short six week period enticed by the abundance of seasonal fruits which include musuku, mufinsa and the other wild species in the area. In the fading twilight at dawn and dusk, the noisy chatter and activity from the colony increases thus filling the sky in all directions for twenty precious minutes as they leave and arrive at their roost site. 
Kasanka National Park, Zambia

About Photographer

His passion for photography began with his love of nature, and a desire to capture in an image what he feels through experience, perhaps upon experiencing something that no one else has experienced before. The fact that nature creates, evolves, perfects and embellishes offers him, as a photographer, a challenge which is permanently present in the search of the most aesthetic element. All his photographic work has a common denominator, which can be best summarized within the concept of: "The Art of Creation is the Art of Nature". “The images that most captivate me are those in which the animal element is in perfect harmony with the environment in a unique combination where the behaviour of the species and the immensity of its own habitat can be observed” –CS. Born on April 8, 1969 in Alicante, Spain, he studied optics and optometry at the University of Alicante and general management programmes from IESE Business School. At the age of twenty-one his interest in the environment, wildlife and the creative world roused within him feelings and emotions which lead him to discover nature photography as a permanent link with his own lifestyle. He is one of Spain’s top nature photographers whose work has been recognised with awards at internationally prestigious competitions around the world such as the BBC "Wildlife Photographer of the Year", GDT "European Wildlife Photographer of the Year", Nature’s Best Photography "Windland Smith Rice International Awards", GLANZLICHTER "Projekt Natur & Fotografie Contest", ASFERICO "Concorso Internazionale di Fotografia Naturalistica", etc... His work has been published in several specialized nature photography magazines and he collaborates frequently with Apple in Spain as Train the Trainer with the photographic Pro Application "Aperture" presenting seminars in universities around Spain such as Salamanca, Alicante, etc... He participated as photographer and co-author of the "Objetivo Pura Vida" project, a joint initiative developed by the Spanish Embassy in Costa Rica (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) with the National Biodiversity Institute (INBIO) in order to photograph the biodiversity of the country. The work was first shown at an exhibition held in San José, Costa Rica and coincided with the publication of a book. In another facet to his work, he is the author, co-author and scriptwriter of several HD audiovisual presentations such as: “Una Gota Una Vida – The Making Of”, exhibited at the International Nature Festival, Spain (AEFONA) and “The Art of Creation”, “Lifestyle” exhibited at the International Photography Festival, Italy (Asferico). For more information visit: