"Sparrow, delight of my girl"

PhotographerFabrizio Intonti
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryRome, Italy
Photo Date2013
Technical Infodigital camera
Entry Description

This nude was inspired to me by a poem of Catullo, the ancient latin poet. He imagines his lover Lesbia playing with a sparrow. "Sparrow, delight of my girl, with whom she plays, whom she holds in her lap, to whose she attacks and gives her fingertip, provoking you to peck her sharply, when she delights with the radiant object of my desire to play some dear game, and a solace for her grief, ...if I could play with you the way she does, and lift the sad cares of my heart..."

About Photographer

My photographic research aimes to explore the fine art photography, toward the contamination of languages. I use to work with both digital and traditional processes.