Entry Title: "Kemano"
Name: Olivier Staub , Canada
Category and Expertise: Landscapes, Professional

Entry Description: Magic Carpet Ride Peacefulness captured during a “magic carpet ride” waft in the vapors and fog of the high Rocky Mountains peaks.

About the Artist:

Olivier Staub is a commercial filmmaker and photographer who has worked around the world for clients such as Rio Tinto, General Motors, Molson, Bell, Peugeot, Citroën, Gillette and many others. Recipient of multiple international awards, shortlisted at "Cannes lions", his work is cited in "Shots" and "Luerzer Archive" magazines. Olivier Staub approaches advertising with a unique style. He is also co-founder, partner and president at La Cavalerie, a Montreal-based production house. Tireless traveller, he elaborates remote landscapes photography books and other personal projects. The working process is based around the creation of small image collections -10 to 15 images - delving into a theme through a singular interpretation. Each photograph is therefore part of a larger group, a specific exploration of particular moments and places.