Mother Earth

PhotographerOlivier Staub
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Peaceful Aerial landscapes of Grand North, reminding us of our origins.

About Photographer

Olivier Staub is a commercial filmmaker and photographer who has worked around the world for clients such as Rio Tinto, General Motors, Molson, Bell, Peugeot, Citro├źn, Gillette and many others. Recipient of multiple international awards, shortlisted at "Cannes lions", his work is cited in "Shots" and "Luerzer Archive" magazines. Olivier Staub approaches advertising with a unique style. He is also co-founder, partner and president at La Cavalerie, a Montreal-based production house. Tireless traveller, he elaborates remote landscapes photography books and other personal projects. The working process is based around the creation of small image collections -10 to 15 images - delving into a theme through a singular interpretation. Each photograph is therefore part of a larger group, a specific exploration of particular moments and places.