Dubai Megapolis

CompanyThomas Meinicke Photography
PhotographerThomas Meinicke
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The pictures show impressions of the city of Dubai. In earlier times, Dubai was a small settlement of fisherman’s and pearl divers. Nowadays, in the beginning of the 21st century, the city increased into a huge, surreal and artificial place.

About Photographer

Thomas Meinicke (born 1977, Leipzig / Germany) is a photographer, specialized in photojournalism, street and portraits. In the early 90`s, inspired by Henri Cartier-Bresson, he started taking pictures of daily life scenes. During his studies (cultural- and media pedagogic), he become more and more focussed in photography. After the final exam („Aesthetic criteria of contemporary photography“) he decided to work as a freelancer (2004). Currently he is producing for newspapers, magazines, cultural institutions and companies. However, Thomas also realizes own projects worldwide. He is interested in daily life, urban changes and people generally. With photography he tries to create special views or shows moments, which the observer may can`t see or don´t realize. *Honorable Mention „IPA Award 2014" *Bronze Medal "Prix de la Photographie Paris" 2014 *Finalist "Renaissance Photography Prize 2014" *Honorable Mention "Moscow International Foto Awards 2014" *2. Place "Nikon Photo Contest 2013"