CompanyClaus Morgenstern Photodesign
PhotographerClaus Morgenstern
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

In this series Claus Morgenstern try's to capture the moment of the "assurance". He uses elected personalitys to represent a major feeling everybody knows. Be aware of the good things to happen.

About Photographer

Claus Morgenstern is an internationally awarded photographer with a love of being in the outdoors and a passion for creating moments that capture true emotions from his subjects. Known for his relaxed, down-to-earth manner and his ability to connect and collaborate with both talent and crew alike, he brings out the best in people. Claus’s specialties include portraiture, lifestyle and landscape photography. His images are rich with a vibrant mood and texture to them; they are also immersive, capturing real moments that speak to the viewer. Claus’s clients include Air Plus, KFW Bank, SKE International, TENNECO and SAGE, among others. Currently he´s the deputy vice chairman of the BFF Baden Württemberg.