Erzberg Rodeo

PhotographerCarsten Snejbjerg
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

1994 marked the birth of this unique offroad event. In those days, Enduro motorcycling lay in agony and despair. Andreas Werth and Karl Katoch, in a common effort, they lay the foundation for today’s biggest motorcycle offroad event without overboarding red tape restrictions, without tedious discussions about rules and regulations. They created a race that brought and still brings its competitors to the very edge of their physical limitations. What they had in mind was a big offroad spectacle, a grand come together of the enduro scene. And they did not mind wheter man and machine were near the pain threshold or not.

About Photographer

I became interested in photography during a 3,400 km bike trip through China and Vietnam in 1997 and in 2000 I entered the Danish School of Journalism. I now work freelance for various magazines and newspapers and am working together with Getty Images. My images have been published in Vanity Fair, Newsweek, Le Monde, Der Spiegel, Stern, GQ, La Repubblica Delle Donne, Smithsonian magazine, Samvirke, Kom Magazine, Euroman etc. I also teach at the Danish School of Journalism. I live in Copenhagen and have two children and two grandchildren.