Asylum Seekers, MAlta.

PhotographerAlbertina d'Urso
Entry Description

Malta is too small to assimilate them and, after all, they did not even want to come here. Most of them never heard of it until they came across it during their journey to a promised and unknown land named Europe. They are the thousands of refugees arriving from Sub-Saharan Africa. Their stories are all similar, they come countries where war and inhumane living conditions force them to flee in search of a better life. After a long and exhausting journey, crammed onto makeshift boats, they reach what for them is "salvation"…

About Photographer

Italian photographer Albertina d'Urso (Milan, 1976) studied at the ICP (International Center of Photography), at TPW (Toscana Photographic Workshops) and at the Agency VII. She is focused mainly in social issues and long term projects. Some of tham became succesful books and exhibitions: Bombayslum (2004): a work about people living in the suburbs of Mumbay that gave life to a book, published by Skirà, and an exhibition at “Libreria degli Atellani” in Milan. Lifezoom (2006): close-ups of trees printed on canvas and resembling paintings. The show took place in the beautiful "scuderie di Palazzo Ruspoli" in Rome, in "Bookshop & Caffetteria degli Atellani", in Milan and "La Tessitura-Concept Store" in Como. (Catalog published by Skirà). Spirit of Shekhawati (2008): an exhibition about this small region of India, forgotten by the economic boom. ("Cavedine Library", Trento; "Le Biciclette ristorante + Art Bar", Milan; “Bibli”, (Rome). In 2006 she participated to the "Kabul mission of the municipality of Milan", a work aimed at showing the consequences of the war in Afghanistan and the efforts of the mission ISAF 8 and the Italian NGOs to restore the situation, culminated with the "Milano-Kabul no stop" exhibition in the "Ottagono", in Arcade Vittorio Emanuele and with two collectives books that came out in 2007: "Respiro del Mondo 5 Afghanistan, Kabul", and "Km 5072, Milano-Kabul no stop". In 2007 she was selected for "Focus on Monferrato Masterclass" a project that consist in 12 young photographers, guided by Stanley Greene and Kadir van Lohuizen and assigned to document different sides of life in Piedmont and won the "Canon Young Photographers Award" with her project "Welcome to Compton", a reportage about gangs and violence in Los Angeles. In 2008 Albertina was featured in "Young Blood", the annual of Italian talents who have recived international prizes in the creative and research fields. She besides recived various recognitions at the "International Photography Awards" (2005, 2006, 2008); the “Prix de la Photographie Paris" (2006, 2008), the festival "Orvieto Fotografia" (2008), and had experiences as a photography teacher. Works and news can be seen in the website: