In Bloom

PhotographerEleonora Calvelli
Entry Description

Paolo and Moreno have been living together for 18 years. They married in Montreal in 2008 and have two children, born thanks to a surrogacy agreement in Canada. Ilaria and Antonella have been living together for 11 years. They became mothers in 2005 by means of artificial insemination carried out in Belgium, and married with a civil ceremony in Barcelona in 2010. Chiara and Roberta married in Barcelona in 2010, after living together for 12 years. They have twin girls, Emma and Giada, conceived in a clinic in the Catalan capital. Paolo and Moreno, Ilaria and Antonella, Chiara and Roberta, but also Marco and Giampietro, and Giuseppina and Raphaelle, are just a few of the couples of same-sex parents who live in Italy. This is the description of a rapidly changing situation characterised by new family models, with nuclei consisting of a single parent, same-sex parents, de facto couples and extended families. Commenced in 2008, the project recounts the daily life of 13 Italian same-sex couples with children born thanks to assisted reproductive technology (ART). The work, while referring to the Italian context and directly inspired by it, testifies the situation of LGBT rights in other European countries through the journeys of the Italian families who got married abroad or have carried out the artificial insemination in other European countries, in Canada and in U.S. The book In Bloom, curated by 3/3, was published by Postcart in 2013 and has received the support of Amnesty International Italian Section.