CompanyTrue North Fine Images
PhotographerDebra Garside
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Wild horse from Sable Island National Park, Nova Scotia Canada

About Photographer

www.sableislandhorses.ca www.truenorthfineimages.com The daughter of avid nature lovers, Debra Garside grew up hiking, camping and fishing throughout Vancouver Island, BC. Her passion for horses and wildlife has always equalled the love she had for art. Her first professional career revolved around sport horses. After relocating to Calgary area in the 1980’s, Debra founded True North Stables. Acknowledged as one of the country’s most accredited equestrian coaches, Debra has also demonstrated her riding skills at the National Grand Prix level. After a successful equestrian career of over 30 years, Debra rediscovered her creativity in the form of digital photography. Her photographic adventures have taken her from Patagonia and Antarctica, to the northern tundra of the Arctic. She has won numerous awards for her representations of these areas. However, it is closer to home that Debra finds her favourite subjects - wild horses. Debra spends much of her time following the wild horses of Alberta’s eastern slopes, and is one of the few photographers to be granted access to remote Sable Island, Nova Scotia, with the resulting images from three expeditions there, garnering international acclaim.