Bride and groom trees

PhotographerLucia Perrotta
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryRoma, Italy
Photo Date2013/2015
Entry Description

“Maggio” is an old arboreal worship. Each year it takes places in Accettura (Basilicata, south of Italy). Celebration is a wedding ceremony between two trees that lasts several weeks. Its peak is during Pentecost days when a turkey oak trunk – The Maggio – and a treetop holly- The Cima - getting married. The Celebration is rich in anthropological, sociological and religious features: a propitiatory rite of fertility and fecundity for the land and harvest, a mix of pagan and religious rites at the same time.

About Photographer

Lucia Perrotta has studied at the University of Rome, in Italy, and she is a graduate of the Faculty of Sociology "La Sapienza" of Rome. She is based in Rome and she works mainly on documentary projects, relative to spirituality and ritual ceremonies. She founded the collective Wide Shut Photography. Among his major projects: Holy weeks in south of Italy, arboreal rites, festivity and religious ceremonies in Brazil, Cuba, North of India. She is also president of the cultural association WSP Photography where she is also teacher of photography (