PhotographerLeandro Menezes
PrizeHonorable Mention
Company12pm photographic
City/CountrySão Paulo, Brazil
Photo Date04/03/2014
Technical Infoanalog photographs printed on
Entry Description

The body exposed in the midst of a hostile and timeless nature. In this work the author seeks an insert of the individual in an environment dominated by linear forms, so that it seems part of that environment. Thus arises the title \ "mimesis \", referring to the mimicry performed by distinct animals as a defense mechanism or aggression against their predators. Aesthetics was the result of experiments with films, prints on different paper types and new photos from the image resulting from this research, which was guided by the approach to gravure process.

About Photographer

Leandro Menezes is a visual artist and uses the photograph as the main media for carrying out their work. Acts between different universes (such as film, graphic arts, music and psychoanalysis) and seeking stimulus so that incite, to feed the immersion in the aesthetic and poetic that drives your work search.