In Corpore Uno

PhotographerAntonio Del Sesto
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

the book "In Corpore Uno" delves into the soul of the members belonging to the lay religious brotherhoods of a small town in southern Italy. For the first time, the pictures and the testimonies of those ancient rites, full of spirituality, are pub- lished, as they have been unknown so far to those who dont belong to the Confraternities of Sessa Aurunca. Starting from Lent time, these rites are publicly shown during the Holy Week Processions until Easter Monday. through the pictures taken by Antonio Del Sesto, the veil is lifted for the first time (and with the approval of the members of the Confraternities in Sessa Aurunca), like it has never been done so far: the Confraternities hid- den rites (the Suppers, the performance of the Miserere, the Clothing Rites of Mysteries) finally come to light.Thats how this book becomes a visual document of a true, intense, full Faith, miraculously remained untouched for more than a millennium. Its also a living example of the original Christian ethos still present in the Ecclesia; lifeblood capable of allowing every Christian of good will to be an inseparable part of that One Body (the Corpus Domini) through which to find the Way, the Truth and the Life.

About Photographer

Antonio Del Sesto was born in 1991, is a professional photographer who is mainly engaged in Portrait Photography and Social Reportage.
In 2010 he gets the prestigious title of QIP (Qualified Italian Photographer) becoming the youngest qualified Italian photographer.In addition he also gets a Gold Award at the International Photography Awards with the reportage "The Change" made in China.
In 2011 he is received together exclusively to other two Italian colleagues by the prestigious Chinese Press Agency Xinhua News Agencyfor the Lecture of his Portraits and Reportages.
In March 2011 at the Italian Festival of Photography R-evolution he is the FIOF DIGIGRAPHIE BY EPSON CONTEST 2011 overall winner, conquering the 1st place in the category Research and Art .
June 2011 Antonio Del Sesto ricieve a prize at Gran Prix de la Photographie Paris France category Portrait with his work Spectral .
To International Photography Awards in August to the Lucie Foundation in New York, winning four Honorable Mentions in three different categories Portrait | Fine Art | Photojournalism , with their work "Memories" and "Spectral".
In May 2011, is the author of the cover of one of the most important magazines in the world of photography "Photoworld Magazine” in China.
In September it was selected by Vogue Italy for an exhibition in Milan at Palazzo Morando
Is selected by the International Fund for Photography FIOF to exhibit in November at the 14th International Photographic Art Festival CHINA.
In June 2012 at Gran Prix de la Photographie PX3 in France winner 2 Honorable Mention in respective Press and Portrait categoriesIn September at International Photography Awards of LUCIE FOUNDATION winner 4 Honorable Mention in four different categories : Press, Portrait, Fine Art and People. In 2014 at Fiof Nikon International Awards receive 3 Silver awards and 1 Bronze Awards in Reportage category. In April published his first book “IN CORPORE UNO”(by Edistampa publisher) with one of his most important works of reportage. In July At PX3 Prix de la Photographie won Gold Awards in Press category and Gold Awards in Book category with his work “In Corpore Uno” Antonio Del Sesto has exhibited his work in Roma, Milano, New York, Orvieto, Lishui, Pechino.