Entry Title: "Saskia"
Name: Fern Berresford , United Kingdom
Category and Expertise: Portrait_P, Professional

Entry Description: Portrait of musician Saskia Laroque Rothstein-Longaretti.

About the Artist:

She is an award winning photographer and filmmaker, whose work has been recognised across the industry. From directing school plays at the age of 9, she went on to get a 1st class degree in Film before kick-starting her directing career with an award-winning short ‘Man Made’, created for the charity Ctrl.Alt.Shift. In recent times she had directed several commercials, for clients such as VO5, Fentimans, Ebay, Christian Aid and T-Mobile, music videos for artists including Little Comets and Diane Birch, and stills for clients such as Fiat, Virgin, McDonalds and Penhaligons, as well as the award-winning Untouchable Covers for Lurzer’s Archive. She has also found time to build up an extensive portfolio of breathtaking beauty and fashion photography.