Southern Route

CompanyTamara Reynolds Photography
PhotographerTamara Reynolds
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Southern Vernacular. A Portrait


This project is about resolving my conflicted feelings I‘ve experienced as a Southerner. I love the South, but I have at times been embarrassed to claim it as my home. I wander the South along back roads, across railroad tracks, and deep into hollows. I learned I could appreciate my home despite its stereotypes. Born in the South in 1960, I was undoubtedly affected by one of the momentous and impassioned periods of the country’s Southern history. Contradictions were everywhere. There were too many unanswered questions, confusing arguments and mixed messages for a young child to comprehend and reason. There were deep chasms that divided black from white, rich from poor, neighbor from neighbor. We were a region riven with extremes and the bearers of a cultural isolation that sometimes pronounced itself with self-righteous pride and a willful rebelliousness. The South alone carries the burden of having fought for and been completely defeated before relinquishing a way of life so rich but yet so ugly it nearly divided the country. On one hand, I have admiration for Southern courage and perseverance while it courageously fought against a tremendous social and financial transformation while paying an enormous price; on the other, I feel stigmatized by its stubborn justification of a social system based on abuse and inequality. We are a region described as hillbilly, religious fanatic, and racist. There is evidence of it. But I have learned that there is a restrained dignity, a generous affection, and a trusting nature that Southerners possess intrinsically. We are a singular place, rich in culture, strong through adversity. We are a people that have persevered under the judgment of the rest of the world. Ridiculed, we trudge carrying the sins of the country seemingly alone. There is more to be revealed under the surface of things. Like kudzu, things may appear different from above than what lies beneath. While braving the shame, I found the beauty. And through compassion I have come to accept.

About Photographer

Commercial and Editorial Photographer living in Nashville, Tennessee. BFA Graduate of Photography. Working in the field of photography since 1983 to present. Magazine clients are People, Readers Digest, Rolling Stone, Money, Guideposts, Orion, Sony Style, Parenting, Country Weekly, Inc, Fortune, Fast Co., Computer World. Advertising clients are Dixie Paper, Dell Computers, Bank of America, Publix Grocery, Red Cross, Countrywide, AT&T. Most recent exhibit will be at the Nashville Parthenon East Gallery for show entitled Nashville's Soul.