PhotographerEleonora Calvelli
Entry Description

January 20th-24th, 2009. Sonia and Ilaria have been living together for two years in Italy. Sonia and Ilaria decided to have a child and they are planning to have an assisted reproductive treatment in Denmark. In Italy, only married heterosexual couples can resort to artificial methods of insemination. Therefore, homosexual couples wishing a child are forced to fly abroad to countries that let them have full family rights (assisted reproduction, marriage and adoption), such as Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada and the US. Sonia and Ilaria went three times to Copenhagen, at the same clinic, but Ilaria did never became pregnant. In 1989 Denmark became the first country to recognize the homosexual marriages and to give gay couples the right to formalize their relationship through a civil ceremony. These couples have the same rights regarding public housing, pensions, immigration and adoption. The law, passed with the support of 60% of the population, gave gay unions many rights that had been previously conferred only to married couples: inheritance, insurance, pension, social benefits, tax cuts, unemployment benefits, alimony payments in the event of separation.