The Herd

PhotographerAlex Callueng
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryDubai, United Arab Emirates
Photo DateJuly 21, 2014
About Photographer

Alex Callueng is a Dubai based Fashion and Beauty photographer. He firmly believes that the greatest works come from one’s burning desire to create. He communicates his thoughts, visions and goals through his work and seals it with his heart and soul. His principle in his craft is straightforward and simple- it’s about being true to oneself and professionalism. He takes his craft as a serious endeavour and is always open for new ideas. Every click in the shutter of his camera is well thought and has gone through strategic creative process to produce high quality images. Even though he means business in his craft, he never forgets to have fun during the process because he believes that it’s the sole reason for it- doing things that make you happy and producing work that feeds your soul.