Silver Seas

PhotographerJR Doty
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySan Francisco, United States
Photo DateFebruary 2014
Technical InfoDigital C Print, 30x40in
Entry Description

Silver Seas captures senior citizens candidly, enveloped in sun, sand and sea experiencing retirement on the beaches of Florida. I chose seniors because they are established selves, unlike youth who are still imagining who they are, they have experienced a lifetime and are no longer afraid to show themselves. Combined with the relentless light of the beach that illuminates everything and everyone, the viewer is able to experience the unique demeanor, expressions, actions and even their inaction; captured as people and not just as subjects.

About Photographer

JR Doty is an MFA graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute where studied under Henry Wessel. Born in New Orleans and currently based in San Francisco, JR's work has been exhibited internationally, most recently at Howard Greenberg Gallery in NYC and was selected by the San Francisco Arts Commission to show work at San Francisco City Hall.