PhotographerGabrielle Revere
Entry Description

The photo series "Wanderlust" initially, started out for me as a curiosity of sorts. I felt some type of connection, even a sense of indescribably, visceral familiarity to a stranger who I had met in a crowd. Fate had intervened. I have found that sometimes a spark is only a spark. It is up to the two individuals involved to nurture and navigate the relationship between artist and muse. The magic lies in the dynamic of two strangers who allow themselves to be vulnerable with one another, while deeply expressing themselves without judgement or fear, and the ability to selflessly devote their time to each another while letting go of the outcome. You establish a relationship and a trust and a bond with someone, and all of a sudden things change. The way you look at them changes and the way they look at you changes, and suddenly you’re in a visual relationship with someone, where you’re telling their story, and some- how they’re also telling your story. To me, this is the power of photography.