ḥawza ilmiyya

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Photographerfarhad babaei
Entry Description

ḥawza ʻilmiyya is a seminary of traditional Islamic school of higher learning. Although it is a term used mostly by the Shi'a Muslims communities and refers to a traditional Shi'a centre where clerics are trained, another branch of Islam, Sunnism has its own schools and they are called Hawza ,too.

About Photographer

My childhood had been influenced by war.The life situation in Iran as an ancient country of the Middle East which was involved in war, economic, and political crisis gradually brought about some questions about human and his inner soul in my mind, like when the man is in hard conditions, what will he reveal from his personality? How does he confront with the passions that occur to him in life? What is that inner element that makes him a distinct and unique being? The trace of these questions becomes more highlighted under natural catastrophes like flood, earthquake or while situations made by human interference like war, revolution, social and political conflicts and poverty. It was a question for me that how the man reveals himself when he faces with freedom and pinches. How does he step toward freedom? How does he interact with his environment? All these questions were occupying my mind while facing with ethnic and religious traditions. When I began photography, my camera became a tool for surveying these questions. I learned that it is possible to ask question with camera and overwhelm deep in the question likewise it is possible to think deep in humans’ faces with camera. The questions do not end in answers but also bring more questions along with themselves. And this is how my attitude to the photography takes form, with asking and moving toward humans’ depths and their environments.