Human Madness

PhotographerNilton Souza
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyNilton Souza Fotografias
City/CountrySALVADOR, Brazil
Photo Date2007/2011
Entry Description

City of Salvador with its huge shantytowns and its urban agglomeration without planning,

About Photographer

Nilton Souza, Brazilian, 65 years, and 39 professional photography. Specialized in Aerial, Industrial and Architecture. Author and Editor of 3 books: "Salvador Aérea", (2 editions), "Baía de Todos-os-Saveiros" and "Salvador: Fé, Luz e Cor". Author of the book: "Viva Saveiro" fourth book. The fifth book, Bahia Litoral 932 in production to 2016.