Visual Acoustics Series 2 - Cityscapes

PhotographerJoel Tjintjelaar
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBergen op Zoom, Netherlands
Photo Date2013-2014
Technical InfoBlack and White Long exposure
Entry Description

Visual Acoustics - Silence and Light Series 2 - Cityscapes The title of this series is partly a reference to the documentary film by Eric Bricker on celebrated architectural photographer Julius Shulman called Visual Acoustics, and at the same time a reference to the power of shadows that always played an important role in the architectural creations of architect Louis Kahn. In his architectural creations and writings Khan expressed how shadows in architecture form an essential part of light that reveal and give shape to objects and how shadows create a sense of mystery and also evoke silence and awe. These ideas are visualised in my series of photos in which the removal of “visual noise”, that is inherent to urban environments, by use of emphasised shadows, play an important role to create “visual silence” and at the same time will isolate the main architectural subject in a way that is directly related to the essence of photography: the presence or absence of light (shadows). Joel Tjintjelaar

About Photographer

I'm a black and white photographer from the Netherlands specialized in seascapes and architectural fine-art photos. I use Long Exposure techniques to create a surrealistic look and feel using 16 stops ND filters.