Streets to School

PhotographerMike Harrington
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyHarrington Photography Ltd
City/CountryNorwich, United Kingdom
Photo Date09/04/2014
Technical InfoShot on Nikon D4
Entry Description

Images commissioned by Aviva to support their charity work for the Railway Children. Railway Children is a charity that helps young teenagers who run away from home and live on the streets to get back to education and living with their family. The images were shot at the Victoria Tunnels in London which was traditionally used as part of the Underground Network. Decent make-up, styling and casting of young actors helped us produce some authentic believable look to the images we produced.

About Photographer

Mike Harrington has been a UK Based Advertising and editorial photographer since 1997. He loves to document real people and real life situations in this ever changing world.