Iceland from above

PhotographerMichael Werlberger
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyMW Outdoor Photography
City/CountryKitzbühel, Austria
Photo Date28.06.2014
Entry Description

Flying over Iceland

About Photographer

MICHAEL WERLBERGER is a young outdoor-photographer who specializes in action-, nature- and astrophotography. You will find the love for details throughout all of his photos: No matter if in stunning nature photos, in expressive shots of athletes or in surreal appearing pictures of the night sky. Because of his hometown Kitzbühel (Austria), the young photographer is predetermined to capture the fascination of sports, especially of winter sports, on his remarkable images. Michael actually discovered his passion for photography that way: As an enthusiastic freeskier action sports have always been a major part of his life which contributes to his know-how about this kind of photography. Action shots for sporting goods industries and landscape pictures for tourism as well as for large format print media are among his area of expertise.