Entry Title: "John At Dusk"
Name: Anna Mia Davidson , United States
Category and Expertise: Portrait_P, Professional

Entry Description: John at Dusk is an image from my larger body of work called "Human Nature: Sustainable Farming in the Pacific Northwest". This image is a tribute to sustainable farmers and their plight to offer an alternative to our food system in America and Globally.

About the Artist:

Anna Mia Davidson was born and raised in New York City. Her work has been shown at Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York; Farmani Gallery, Los Angeles; Leica Gallery, New York; Benham Gallery, Seattle; Fototecca Gallery, Havana; Lehigh University, Pennsylvania; and is part of Zoellner Art Center’s permanent collection. Davidson was commissioned as a “Character of America” Photographer by Aperture and USA Television Network, and has been awarded several honors including sponsorship from Blue Earth Alliance for her project on Cuba, the Jeni Dellaccio Award for photography, an International Photo Award and Honorable Mention, and the 2004 Golden Light Top Photographers Award for Documentary photography. Davidson is based in Seattle, Washington.