Catania by night

PhotographerMario Bucolo
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyMario Bucolo Photography
City/Countrycatania, Italy
Photo DateFeb 6, 2014
Entry Description

Catania, Sicily, at 4am

About Photographer

Mario Bucolo was born in Catania (Italy) on December 1st 1967, he lives and works in London, UK. Mario is a professional photographer since 2007, dedicated mainly to landscapes, cityscapes, nature, wildlife, travel and sense of place, religious celebrations and festivals, people and historical architectures. He's had a remarkable experience chasing tornadoes during the 2008 Tornado season around Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles. He is also a renowned international expert in marketing, PR, communication and Web 2.0 tools, mainly for museums, art and cultural travel sectors and is the founder and publisher of, the WorldWide Portal to Museums and Cultural Heritage. His photos has been recently awarded with 2 honorable mention at the International Photography Awards 2011, Los Angeles (was one in 2009 and 3 in 2010) and 3 1st place, 1 second place and 1 third place at PX3 2011 Paris People Choice Awards. And a photo is finalist at PDN "The great outdoor 2011". Photos was also shortlisted for the final judging round in the 2008 Travel Photographer of the Year competition, in 2007 and 2008 "Human rights" International Competition co-promoted by Sicilian Parliament and he was personally awarded , in 2008 as "author in evidence" and in 2009 as "Finalist Author" in the International "Premio Fotografico" promoted by the National Association of Professional Photographers of Italy - Tau Visual.