PhotographerMichelle Chaplow
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyMichelle Chaplow Photography
City/CountryEstepona, Spain
Photo DateMay 2012
Technical InfoNikon D3
Entry Description

The series focuses on visual poetry of the female form, alone with an ongoing process of inner reflection shot with uniform diffused lighting, melancholic body language, and elements of water and pastel shades. The absence of any facial features or expression means that many can relate to her sentiments and feelings. Portraits of the nude and semi nude, a brief window into her life and the passage of time.

About Photographer

For the last two decades, award-winning British photographer Michelle Chaplow has travelled around the globe on travel and luxury hotel assignments. Her work has been published by such prestigious institutions and publications as Library of Congress, the BBC, The Telegraph, The Times, Conde Nast Traveller, GEO magazine, Efe, National Geographic guidebook on Spain, the Spanish National Tourist Board, Oberoi, Mandarin Oriental and Fairmont hotels. In 1996 Turespaña, the Spanish Tourist Board awarded Michelle a prestigious contract. In 2001 she received an honorary mention for her continuous work in the field of photography in promoting Spanish tourism and the Ortiz Echagüe prize, presented by the Spanish Ministry of Tourism and Commerce. Michelle is truly passionate about her job as a photographer, and will do whatever it takes to capture that perfect shot. Going beyond the conventional viewpoint to capture the very essence of the subject. In parallel to her commercial work, Michelle for the last two years has been developing a series called “The Pool of Life” an ongoing project that was projected at the Contemporary Art Museum in Malaga and one of the images from the series was displayed for a month in the Royal Albert Hall, London.