Entry Title: "Bridge over Fjord, Norway"
Name: Rupert Davis , United Kingdom
Category and Expertise: Bridges, Professional

Entry Description: A beautifully preserved old bridge, closed to traffic now, near Skodje in Norway.

About the Artist:

Standing on a train platform in England in 2004, I had the strongest intuition to buy a camera, so I bought a disposable camera and just about made it onto my train... Since then my photography has continued to be an intuitive and naturally evolving expression. My thing is beauty. My work started by focusing on beauty in nature and has evolved to encompass all aspects of life, including people and buildings. At times it is abstract, at times more classical. It often inspires and uplifts the viewer, reflecting the beauty and soul inside us all. I travel to some amazing places, but many of the images here are taken in my backyard, the road I live on, the park around the corner. Beauty and mystery really are everywhere…