PhotographerChristian sinibaldi
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrylondon, United Kingdom
Photo Date16/06/2014
Entry Description

Fred recently had a sex change operation

About Photographer

Born in Rome in 1977. After a 5 years degree course in Communication and Media, I moved to London in 2003 to gain a better understanding of the European photographic arena. Since July 2005 I have been a regular freelancer with The Guardian, loving this job more and more, and working within a very stimulating and exciting environment. In the last few years I have completed different projects in advertising, corporate and artistic imagery and my photos have been published in several worldwide magazines and newspapers, including The Independent magazine, the Irish Times magazine, the Financial Time magazine, The Guardian Weekend, The Observer, The New York Times, USA Today, BBC and Rolling Stone Magazine. I do also often collaborate with Italian magazines and I've been regularly commissioned by client including Myself-CondeNast, Style-Corriere delle Sera, D di Donna - Repubblica, L'Internazionale, Gazzetta-Sport week magazine, Gioia, Bell'Italia, Bell'Europa and more. I’ve also enjoyed collaborating with charities including MSF (Doctors without borders), Amnesty International, Corams Family, Corams Fields, Age Concern and more. In addition, thanks to my interest and background in Media and Advertising, I’ve been commission by multinational companies and different brands to help redevelop their visual identities. Commercial clients including the Lottery Fund, Selfridges, NHS, Cinzano, Southern Railway, Zavvi, Camden Council, Hackney Council, Learning Trust, Manchester Metropolitan University, London City University, Royal Pharmaceutical Society, Metropolitan Police and more. Latest Exhibitions and Awards: 2014. Award winner at the IPA, One Shot:One World Competition , Exhibition in Los Angeles, USA 2014. Hello Cazenove. group exhibition, Hackney Museum, London 2013. Selected for the AOP Open Awards 2013, The Association of Photographer, London 2013. Honorable Mention at the IPA, International Photography Awards 2013 2013. Shortlisted for the Royal Photographic Society Award 2013, group exhibition, Uk National tour 2013. 100 Images of Migration, group exhibition, Hackney Museum 2012. I'm Hackney, part of the "Mapping the Change", group exhibition, Hackney Museum, London 2012. RPS Exhibition, "Selected Images: 1854 – 2012", Bristol Festival of Photography, Bristol 2011. Selected in the Portraits category for the Press Photographer's Year Award